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Hello!  I'm so excited to have you here on my website.

I expect you're on the "about" page to find out why I do what I do.  MT Chic is so special to me, and I'm glad to share it with you!  Most of you already know I do photography, but in case you want a peek at my work, check out my sister website at

I began tying halters over 15 years ago, when I was around 12 years old.  My Gramps had a saddle shop, and I tied halters for him to resell, as well as to use on my own horses.  It was what some may call a "humble" beginning, but I felt such pride seeing my work on others' horses!  I especially enjoyed creating custom halters for tough-to-fit heads.  I continued tying all the way through college (hey, we all have to earn our beer money somehow!), and I officially started MT Chic after I graduated in 2014. 

I began MT Chic with a purpose: I was completely focused on creating the highest quality product I could.  I realized how over-saturated the market was with cheap equipment made from lesser-quality rope, which could be hazardous if it broke at an inopportune moment.  I was determined to bring the strongest and safest equipment to the market that I possibly could, and I am proud today to bring you equipment made from the same rope which many of your favorite clinicians favor, in a wide variety of colors.  All of my rope is made in the USA, hand tied by yours truly, and all MT Chic rope carries a lifetime warranty. 

I am proud to say that MT Chic gear will work just as hard as you do, and will look good doing it.  

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